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The Penless Author John 1:14

Christ Himself wrote nothing, but furnished endless material for books and songs of gratitude in praise! Philip Schaff (1819-1893) Comment: Yes the Word became flesh! Christ was written about thousands of years before He ever showed up here on earth! No human could accomplish this! People have and are sacrificing their lives for Him on the mission fields of this

Tad Saves Turkey From Jihad!

The first turkey was pardoned on Christmas day not Thanksgiving! Late in 1863 a live turkey was sent to the White House for the Lincoln family to feast on for the holidays. Tad Lincoln, age 10, quickly befriended the bird. Tad taught the turkey to follow him as he walked around the White House grounds. The turkey was named Jack,

Who Wrote The Nicene Creed? 325 A.D.

Heretics such as Arius of Alexander Egypt disturbed the peace of the Roman Empire. Emperor Constantine called a meeting of all the Bishops across his empire in an accessible town of Nicaea which is in present day Iznik Turkey. It was organized like the Roman Senate with the Emperor participating as a non-voting observer. The council met in Senatus Palace

Love Requires Trouble! Trouble Requires Love!

If love dwelleth not in trouble, it could have nothing to love! But its substance which it loves, namely the poor soul, being in trouble and pain, it has thence cause to love this its own substance and to deliver it from pain, that so itself may by it be again beloved! Jakob Bohme (1575-1624) Comment: Jakob Bohme was a

Messianic Prophecy Genesis 49: 9-12

These verses in the Book of Genesis even though written thousands of years ago predicted a coming Messiah through the Tribe of Judah! Verse ten is particularly interesting! The word scepter in the Hebrew means a rod and a tribe. A shepherd’s staff. We are the sheep of His pasture! The word lawgiver means a commander of decree’s! It means

Most Misinterpreted Scripture In the Bible! Matthew 7:1

A poll was taken among unbelievers and they were asked what word comes to their minds when they hear the word, “Evangelical Christian.” A overwhelming majority said the word that comes to their mind is; “Judgmental.” Most of them quote Matthew 7:1 to support their views. What is lacking here is for them to read the rest of chapter 7.

New Life Church Sermon Notes. June 23, 2013

Scripture; Matthew 5; 33-35 1. Mean what you say and say what you mean – Honesty, Integrity. 2. Low Trust = Many Laws. We hear out of Washington everyday the following; “We will write another law so this never happens again!” 3. High Trust = Few Laws. 4. Build trust in our families. 5. Lack of trust causes us to

Christian American Foundations

Who Was the Most Christian American President? If all you ever knew about this was what you were taught in a public(government) school in the United States you would not have a clue! You might think Lincoln or Washington but the most out spoken president about his Faith in God was Theodore Roosevelt! He was running for president in 1912