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Christian Responsibility! 1 Timothy 5:8 Greek Translation

“If any (Not) take thought and care beforehand for your immediate household and those belonging to the church which is the household of God then he is worse than one who does not believe in the Gospel of Christ.” Comment: The Greek word “Oikeis”, represents the phrase “those of his own household.” However this Greek word has a compound meaning!

Pride! 2 Kings 20:17-18

Please don’t get me wrong! King Hezekiah was a good man! God healed him from death, turned back time for him and added 15 years to his life! Pride is the most celebrated word in America but the least talked about word in the church! Gay pride day? Pride is like a bottle of poison that tastes like candy with

Widows and Orphans on Your Shopping List?

Since 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan and California Islam has created thousands of widows and orphans here in America! Even the Islamic attackers in California orphaned their own baby? God has given us scriptures in our Bible that instructs us to how to respond. I have included one Bible verse from the Old Testament and one verse from the New Testament. Deuteronomy

The Respectful Are Respected! 1 Timothy 5:1-4

Instructions from God for a good outcome in your life! Respect elders. Encourage elders. Treat the younger as your brothers and sisters. Care for widows. What happens inside our homes counts! Important! The Christian home is the alternative community that is opposite to the dark, broken dysfunctional world that we live in. Politicians just reflect our broken culture. Church should

Hear It and Practice It ! Matthew 7:24-27

Here Jesus gives the final benediction. Jesus demands and compels us to take the narrow gate, produce the right fruit and make the right choice! He required of us that we build on the right foundation. We are to examine ourselves and practice Holiness. Jesus repeats these requirements a second time because they are so important. Jesus was talking to

Is Everything On The Table?

Do not buy what you are not willing to give away! Otherwise things will have you. Do not live for things. Live for Christ. Sometimes examples always help us. Since moving back to Cololrado we have learned of a story of an old gold miner who lived in Colorado Springs. His name was Winfield Scott Stratton. He knew danger and