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Worship! Job 1:10-12

Job is one of the most fascinating Books in the Bible! In these passages of scripture God and Satan are having a conversation about Job! Satan is reminding God that He has blessed Job and the work of his hands with wealth! Satan told God that if you take the wealth away Job will curse you and he will be

Money & Evil Isaiah 45:1-4

Hebrew Translation: Verse 1 “Thus declares the Lord to His set apart anointed, to Cyrus whose right hand I have conquered to subdue Gentile Nations before him; and I will loose the loins of idol Kings to open before him the two leafed gates and the gates shall not be shut.” Verse 2 “I will go before you and make

The Shepherd is Smitten! Isaiah 11:10

700 B.C. , Hebrew Translation; “And on a specific day there shall be a root of Jesse (Lineage of David), shall be an ensign of striking, piercing and wounding for the whole human race and the non-Jews shall seek Him and His rest shall be glorious with honor, majesty, abundance, prosperity and wealth.” Comment: The specific day was on a

Give Me Not Riches or Poverty!

Wealth and want equally harden the human heart! American Theologian Theodore Parker (1810-1860) Theodore was an abolitionist and aided John Brown in helping many slaves to escape!

Obama and American Decline!

The scary things is a dramatic erosion of American position in the world! It is economic, military and all of American’s influence. Obama is not the man desperately trying to conserve American power, influence and wealth. For ideological reasons, he wants the slipping to continue. He is actually the architect of it!  Dinesh D’Souza

Real Poverty!

No one is so miserable as the poor person who attempts to maintain the appearance of wealth! Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)


He is richest who is content with the least, for contentment is the wealth of nature! Socrates 470-399 B.C. Comment: Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you!” Matthew 6:33

Can Wealth Cause Us To Forget God?

Amos was a prophet who made pleas to his people and made some predictions of the destruction of Israel ! He was unpopular because he ministered at the peak of Israel’s material and political success. Israel was enjoying a prosperous reign under Jeroboam II, who had expanded Israel’s territory and secured it from external threats. However as Hosea observed and