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Jesus is Watching You!

A burglar broke into a home late at night and climbed through a window with his flashlight and began going through the rooms looking for jewelry and cash! He was sure the family was out of the house? He came to the living room in the dark and began going through drawers looking for treasure! Suddenly this voice seemed to

Help Wanted! Vacancy! Prophets Wanted! 1 kings 22

Where is the voice in the wilderness today in America? Where are His Prophets today? It is probably the only Church office vacant today! There are few around today! Hal Lindsey would be one of them in my generation! He is still going strong and he is in his eighties! A true prophet will not just address the Body of

Do Not Follow The Crowd!

Those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God! The riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness! Alcuin of York (735-804 A.D.) Comment: When I was in high school back in the 1960’s my grandfather Edgar was a simple farmer but very wise! He would have

God’s Promises!

Remember that all of God’s promises to you are voice activated! Andrew Wommack


Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God! George Washington Carver (1861-1943) Founded Tuskegee University

Supreme Court Rules America is a Christian Nation!

Church of Holy Trinity /Verses/ U.S. 1892 Ruling Quote: There is no dissonance in these legal delarations… These are not individual sayings, declarations of private persons: they are organic (legal, governmental) utterances; they speak the voice of the entire people… These and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations that this is a Christian