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Will a Snake Bite Twice? Isaiah 26:10

Verse 10; Let favor with mercy and kindness be shown to the wicked who are haters of God and men yet they will not learn righteousness but act wickedly and will not behold with learning and understanding the Majesty of God.” Comment: To the righteous everything is righteous and to the wicked everything is wicked! This describes two very different

History and Faith! Joshua 10:12-13

If the Lord did stay the sun for a whole day then this should show up in historical records of other cultures because it would affect the whole earth! The records of the Chinese during the reign of Emperor Yeo, who lived at the same time as Joshua reports a ‘long day’. Heroditus, a Greek historian wrote that an account

Love Strikes Twice! John 3:16

The inner reality of love can only by recognized by love! Hans Urs Von Balthasar 1905-1988

20th Anniversary Retirement!

Yes this month of April marks 20 years! If God is for you who can be against you? Well, let me start at the top! Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama,Obama! Lightning can strike twice! Sounds like a code word for a nuclear attack! Peyton Manning is going to change his call sign this season. The change will be from Omaha,