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Rejecting God’s Word! Isaiah 8:20-22

So what happens when any nation does this? Isaiah says the light will grow dim and the darkness will get darker! It is interesting that the Hebrew word for our English word darkness means a calamity such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, storm, war or a nuclear attack! Could be a drought, forest fires, economic collapse or a host

Love Requires Trouble! Trouble Requires Love!

If love dwelleth not in trouble, it could have nothing to love! But its substance which it loves, namely the poor soul, being in trouble and pain, it has thence cause to love this its own substance and to deliver it from pain, that so itself may by it be again beloved! Jakob Bohme (1575-1624) Comment: Jakob Bohme was a

Foghorn Helps Chick With Homework!

Let me show you how to do it son! Do not bother me with logarithms, common and natural, base epsilon and factorial progressions! Son, you complicate life for me and your mother! Keep it simple son! All you need to learn about math is to count eggs. Someone must have dropped you as an egg on the cement and you

Hear It and Practice It ! Matthew 7:24-27

Here Jesus gives the final benediction. Jesus demands and compels us to take the narrow gate, produce the right fruit and make the right choice! He required of us that we build on the right foundation. We are to examine ourselves and practice Holiness. Jesus repeats these requirements a second time because they are so important. Jesus was talking to

Go Green!

I was a young man then back in the early 1970’s. We had just gone through the Arab oil embargo and energy conservation was on every mind of America! I was in a barber shop in Denver reading a Popular Mechanics magazine. In this magazine was an ad for a solar clothes dryer! Ad said was compatible to any electric

The American Dream?

Home ownership was at the center of the American dream for past decades! This foundation to our financial system is cracking and coming down fast! Our local municipality raised our property taxes 100% last year and 20% this year! Federal, state and local governments continue to increase taxes to make up for shortages in this failing economy! Sadly this will