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Jesus is Watching You!

A burglar broke into a home late at night and climbed through a window with his flashlight and began going through the rooms looking for jewelry and cash! He was sure the family was out of the house? He came to the living room in the dark and began going through drawers looking for treasure! Suddenly this voice seemed to

$30000 Dollar Perfume! Mark 14:5

Would you spend thirty thousand dollars on perfume for your girl friend or wife? How about that much money spent on perfume for a burial! Probably not! Most Christian’s today would have picked up a bottle of perfume at Dollar Tree for Jesus! The pence or denarius was a day’s wage in the first Century! The pence was equal to

Stolen Treasure! 2 Kings 24:13

All the treasure of the House of the Lord that King Solomon had spent a lifetime amassing was carried off by Persian King Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon! All the gold, silver and vessels of the Temple and the King’s House were cut in pieces and carried off! What lesson can we learn from this? Hundred of years later Jesus predicted the

Truth About Loss!

Invite Jesus into the place where you are broken! He has the answer! He is the answer! Jesus speaks life into brokenness! He is the resurrection! He has power! He does miracles! That is what He does! God has treasure for you in the midst of tragedy! God’s plans outweigh your plans! If you lose the truth about Christ you


Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world! Martin Luther(1483-1546)