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Basket of Deplorables!

How did Hillary know she was referring to NFL players, coaches and owners? Is she a prophet? What is behind this spirit of trashing America? Why would you bite the hand that feeds you? Should we change the name of the NFL? How about the IFL? International Football League! Would this make the left happy? Get rid of Nationalism and

Warning to Churches and Synagogues!

Suggest you remove any trash containers whether metal or plastic from around your facilities! These present opportunities for Islamist to hide bombs to attack your houses of worship! You may have to lock them up until day of trash pickup or make other arrangements! Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Fire Your Boss!

Only in America do we have the opportunity to fire our boss every 4 years! But if we are irresponsible and take this Constitutional Freedom lightly then you could wake up one morning in November and have the same bad boss! Then if you have a poor boss he may fire you with the loss of more jobs! The choice