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Doctrines of Devils! 1 Timothy 4:1-3

“Fifty percent of women aged 15-44 cohabited outside of marriage between 2006-2010. The number was 43 percent in 2002 and 34 percent in 1995. Source: Casey Cooper, PhD., Demographics, National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, MD. April 4, 2013. Comment: Paul wrote this letter to Timothy about 2000 years ago! Paul warned us that a time would come when some

Public Worship! Hebrews 10:25

The message here is to the Gentile-Jewish Christians! It is believed by Biblical scholars that the Book of Hebrews was written prior to the destruction of the Jewish Temple and Jerusalem in 70 A.D. What was Paul trying to tell us? Why should we not forsake public worship? First let us look at Heaven! Do the believers in Heaven forsake

Where Two or Three are Gathered? Matthew 18:20

Why two or three? That is the way God does it! Jesus prays to the Father and that makes two! The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity and that makes three! Is the math too hard for us? Why two or three on earth? So when the answer comes God will get the Glory and not man!

Clinton Family Motto!

The family that steals together stays together! The Democrats promise a paradise and give you a ghetto or reservation and a life long dependency on the plantation! Dinesh D’Souza

Christian United Against Gay Marriage!

If we do not hang together then we will hang separately!  Benjamin Franklin

Jews and Muslims Live Peacefully!

Israel only has a population of 8.2 million people. Of this total 20 percent are Muslims! They work and live together peacefully! The attacks against Israel come from outside Israel financed by Iran! Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Integrate Your Church!

This is one way to remove the false narrative for the racist! Martin Luther King Jr., used to say the most segregated hour in America is at 11:00 AM on Sunday morning! If you attend an all white, all Asian, all black church express to your Pastor the need for inclusion in your church! We are not really family unless

His Church!

A colony on earth where men, women, people of every race, culture and economic class could gather and worship together! Jesus prays that we would be one! Prayer; Send me as an ambassador today to build colonies of Heaven in the country of death. Pastor Brady Boyd, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Sermon On The Mount Series New Life Church

Matthew Chapter 5; The sermon on the mount is the most taught and least followed of all Jesus teachings! Jesus brings a new imagination ( image ) and a new people out of this sermon. Israel has a history of getting things wrong! They moved from holiness, sin, rebellion, repentance and back to holiness. The difficulty today is the church

Mansions or Mansion? John 14:2

The English rendition of the Greek word (mone), is translated mansions. The problem is the Greek word mone is singular not plural. Is this a big deal? it could be if it renders in your mind a different concept than the original Greek language intended! We have an earthly concept of mansions as individual houses like in our neighborhood block.