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Do We Think Outside the Box? Proverbs 23:7

Here is a quote from a genius! “I very rarely think in words at all. A thought comes, and I may try to express it in words afterwards.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Let us go back some 2300 years ago and hear from another genius! “The heart collects sensory input from the peripheral organs through blood vessels which are described as

As a Man Thinketh! Proverbs 23:7

Thoughts lead on to purposes, purposes go forth in action, actions form habits, habits decide character, and character fixes our destiny! Tyron Edwards (1809-1894) Note: Tyron was the great grandson of Jonathan Edwards!

Thanksgiving Thoughts!

All great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties and overcome with answerable courage! William Bradford, Plymouth Colony Governor, 1621.

Overthrow of America–Troubling Thoughts

“The young Obama was a garden variety Marxist-Lenist! He and Boss and his sophomore roommate Hasan Chandoo, believed that forces where creating an inevitable Communist revolution in the United States and that it was important to have a highly trained elite of educated leaders guide this revolution process and oversee it once the revolution takes place. Remember this was at


Give yourself unto reading! The man who never reads will never be read; he who never quotes will never be quoted. He who will not use the thoughts of other men’s brains proves that he has no brains of his own! Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) Comment; Modern Day translation = Dummy


However many blessings we expect from God, His infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes and our thoughts!  John Calvin

Isaac Newton’s Thoughts About God! (1642-1747 A.D.)

He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; But he who really thinks has to believe in God!

Aristotle’s Thoughts About God Lesson 2

Aristotle believed that God exists necessarily, which means that God does not depend on anything else for existence. He never changes or has any potential to change, never begins and never ends and so is eternal. Eternal things, Aristotle claimed must be good; there can be no defect in something that exists necessarily, because evil is connected with some kind

Aristotle’s Thoughts About God (384-322) B.C. Lesson 1

Aristotle believed that all movement depends on there being a mover. For Aristotle, movement meant more than something traveling from point A to point B. Movement also included change, growth, melting, cooling, heating…ect. Aristotle argued that behind every movement there must be a chain of events that brought about the movement we see taking place. Aristotle believed that this chain

Godliness !

Enoch walked with God; he enjoyed a relationship with God. We could accurately say he was devoted to God. This is the meaning of Godliness. The New Testament word for Godliness, in its original meaning, conveys the idea of a personal attitude toward God that results in actions that are pleasing to God. This personal attitude toward God is what