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Will a Snake Bite Twice? Isaiah 26:10

Verse 10; Let favor with mercy and kindness be shown to the wicked who are haters of God and men yet they will not learn righteousness but act wickedly and will not behold with learning and understanding the Majesty of God.” Comment: To the righteous everything is righteous and to the wicked everything is wicked! This describes two very different

War & Faith!

“In my perplexities and distresses, the Bible has never failed to give me light and strength!” Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) Comment: Can we start on the wrong side of history and end up on the right side of history? If the truth be known we all started on the wrong side of history! Otherwise no one would need to be

Jesus is Watching You!

A burglar broke into a home late at night and climbed through a window with his flashlight and began going through the rooms looking for jewelry and cash! He was sure the family was out of the house? He came to the living room in the dark and began going through drawers looking for treasure! Suddenly this voice seemed to

Where Two or Three are Gathered? Matthew 18:20

Why two or three? That is the way God does it! Jesus prays to the Father and that makes two! The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity and that makes three! Is the math too hard for us? Why two or three on earth? So when the answer comes God will get the Glory and not man!

Devil in the Details!

A securiy guard at a auto production plant took pride in screening hundreds of employee’s at the end of their shift looking for stolen property. This guard opened lunch boxes, thermos bottles, pockets and if employee was caught stealing had them fired from their jobs! One particular employee was really troublesome to this guard because he would come out of

Contented Husband

After I showed my wife the kitchen she shared with me that her credit card was stolen by a thief while we were touring Delhi, India. So I went on-line and checked the charges on credit card over past 30 days. To my surprise this thief was spending less money than my wife does on this account! I have decided