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The God Dilution! Romans 1:26-27

There is not a theologian in the world who can argue with me on this! God has no gender! If that’s the case everything needs to be rewritten! Susan Powter (Radical Feminist Lesbian). Comment: Has she ever talked to a Pastor, Priest or Theologian? Evidently not! Susan did you know God produced a Son through a woman and His name

Who is The Greatest Terrorist on Planet Earth?

The greatest terrorist is the God of the Quran! I know this is dangerous and will offend many people. The more you follow the steps  of the Prophet of Islam and the God of Islam, the more you get closer and closer to becoming a terrorist! Mosab Hassan Yousef.  Mosab converted from Islam to Christianity in 1999. He was a

Gratitude + Pain = Joy!

Gratitude changes the pangs of memory into a tranquil joy! Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) Comment: Pastor Bonhoeffer was executed by Hitler 3 days before Hitler committed suicide and the end of World War II.

ISIS Wife!

She contacted me on social media yesterday! She was complaining to me that she was on her 3rd husband now! She hopes to find a good man soon! Her previous men blew themselves up in suicide attacks! Her most recent husband left a suicide note explaining to her that she was very ugly and was going to take his chances

God Promises Blessings to the Arab’s! Genesis 21:18

God promises Abraham a Son to be heir for all of humanity. Abraham tried to fulfill this promise in his own strength and with the help of his wife Sarah. Sarah encouraged Abraham to go into his bondwoman Hagar to produce son. The word bondwoman means a female slave. Well the idea worked and Ishmael was born! This was not

Tribute To Captain David Lyons USAF 1985-2013

One of our very own Captain David Lyons was celebrated at the memorial service today in Colorado Springs at New Life Church. The military protocol was moving as hundreds of Air Force Academy Cadets and other military members attended the services along with New Life church members. Captain David Lyons was killed in action last month in Afghanistan by a

True or False? Matthew 7:15-23

False Prophets! Not all that shines is gold! Jesus warning His disciples. Wolves attack just to kill while other beasts kill only for food. Assassins! Dressed in sheep clothing. They look like you, dress like you, have a good church language but are suicide bombers wearing a Christian costume. Intentional people who purposely mislead us to hurt. Evil at the