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Stand Up! Stand Up for America!

Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus was a song written by a dying Pastor from Philadelphia in 1858! His name was Dudley Atkins Tyng. His father had also been the Pastor of the Episcopal Church of Philadelphia. His congregation members were unhappy for Dudley’s stance against slavery! In 1856 he resigned his church and started the Church of the Covenant!

Do You Have a Meaningless Life? Ecclesiastes 1:1-9

Solomon was a wise man but sometimes not so wise! Starting life off with 1000 wives would not be a good starter? You would have to remember 3 wedding anniversaries everyday! Could he remember all their names? Name tags would help! Solomon seemed to be a cynical old man at times but he did write a book of wisdom! He

Christians! Stand Your Ground! Daniel 12:3

Latest IRS revelation is agency is targeting those who give 10 percent or more to charities? That means Christians who follow the Bible and tithe 10 percent or more of their income are targets! The average American gives 2 percent of their income to charities. We as Christians know 10 percent giving is the least we can give. I am

Remember the Alamo!

A Texas Revolution is in the making! Rick Perry has his pearl handled pistol’s blazing to try to make a last stand for his fellow American’s! As he rides his horse toward Washington to take back America he takes fire from every quarter! Carl Rove thinks he needs to be more polished like a lot of the cronies in Washington!

Home Land Security!

Jesus Christ said, ” Be always on the watch, and pray thay you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man!” Source; Holy Bible, Book of Luke, Chapter 21, Verse 36.