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Is Your Faith Out of Shape?

Faith means something when it is exercised in the darkness! Joseph Bayly (1920-1986) Joseph lost three children to blood cancer! He was an American author, publishing executive and the President of the David C. Cook publishing company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Do You Worship “little gods” ?

Money is a good thing but makes a lousy God! One day it will leave and forsake you! Sex is a good thing but makes a lousy God! One day it will leave and forsake you! Good health is a wonderful thing but one day it will leave and forsake you! Food is a good thing but we should forsake

Turn On The Light! 2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Like King Jehoshaphat worship is a cure for me! Judah was outnumbered! Judah means “Praise!” The people of the Book were outnumbered! I want to be in that number when the Saints go marching in! Their voices were louder than ours! The King declared a fast and then they worshipped! The Lord encouraged them and told them no one can

Communion Service

The act of communion is done everyday around the world in every culture, tribe and tongue! Everyone on the earth identifies with Christ by this sacred act! I have had the privilege of  taking communion in a variety of places around the world! I have seen people take communion and have had their prayers answered! Please don’t take this moment lightly!

Religion Versus Grace! Mark 1:1

Jesus did not come to correct behavior! Jesus came to give us a new identity! We are all adopted into a family where we learn a new and better way to live! Religion tries to change us from the outside in! Religious Zealots only reward performance! God said this is my beloved Son who I am well pleased! Remember Jesus

Great Expectations! Isaiah 9:6

Our view of God will determine the challenges we are willing to accept! Whether David and Goliath or Mary the pregnant teenager in Bethlehem explaining to her husband Joseph how she got pregnant! We will be mobilized by Faith or paralyzed by fear! God is mighty and near us! If you are afraid you are believing a lie! Fear is an

Groaning Inwardly Romans 8:22-24

We groan inwardly at the loss of life recently in Colorado Springs and California! We never solve problems through violence! We groan but yet we are hopeful! We are either consumed by fear or we are pregnant with hope! Our expectations and confidence is in a little baby carried in a pregnant mother named Mary who lived over 2000 years

Wisdom! Proverbs 9:10

Wisdom is the supernatural art of living skillfully in whatever actual conditions we find ourselves in. Pastor Brady Boyd, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Comment; There are about 100 scriptures on wisdom in your Bible. There are about 12 root words that form these 100 scriptures in the Hebrew and the Greek. I will give you these root words

Nicene Creed (Baptism)

This morning we are going to cover the last two stanza’s of the Creed. This Creed was crafted in the 4th Century to give guard rails to our Faith! The Creed is a prayer predicated on the Scriptures to unify the Body of Christ together! The Creed says, ” We acknowledge one Baptism for the forgiveness of sin.” For the

Truth About Loss!

Invite Jesus into the place where you are broken! He has the answer! He is the answer! Jesus speaks life into brokenness! He is the resurrection! He has power! He does miracles! That is what He does! God has treasure for you in the midst of tragedy! God’s plans outweigh your plans! If you lose the truth about Christ you