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Prayer Request!

Please be in prayer for our neighbor Lenny here in Atlanta! He has been diagnosed with 3rd stage kidney cancer! He had to resign his job and asked me for advice about renting or selling his house so they could move back to Florida and stay with family there. I shared with him how Jesus healed me from my death

Great & Small

We cannot do great things but we can do many small things with great love! Mother Teresa

I Will Show You Where Heaven Is!

Billy Graham started his ministry by setting up tent crusades in small towns across America! Anything big is always started small. They came to this small town in the South and got permission to set up their tent on the local football field. Billy needed to go to the Post Office so he set out on foot to main street

Democratic Party Grows by Four!

Larry, Curly, Moe and Joe! Their real names are lying Ted, pancake John, small hands Marco and low energy Jeff! They all love Hillary! James

Why is Social Media Popular?

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people! Eleanor Roosevelt Comment: Great minds come up with ideas and sell them to dummies! Great minds get rich and the dummies stay poor! I have a solar clothes dryer for sale! Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Which One Are You?

Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary! Blaise Pascal Comment: This is how a king and a spider end up in the same palace! Small minds? This is why lottery tickets sell. This is why drugs sell. This is why a political party sells that offers free stuff. Remember the book that sold millions? Eighty

Grandpa Settles For Less!

Grandpa owned a small fishing boat. So he took it to the lake one Sunday afternoon and rowed to the center of this small lake. He let his line down in the water when he heard a voice? Pick me up the voice spoke! Grandpa looked around but saw no one? Again the voice sounded pick me up! Grandpa looked

Beat Obama with a CAIN!

The lastest fight song for the Christian conservatives as they look to replace our President with someone who holds Biblical values! Anti-abortion President is needed and also a candidate who believes small buisness can rebuild American! Also Obama has a big government plan that will not and has not worked! Our government has to be down-sized and live on its

Another Weiner in Washington!

Yes, the hot dog stand is open again in Washington and has cooked up another weiner! The latest ugly head to rise up in Washington is Representative Wu. The good news is that a majority of our leaders do not do this stuff and are Faithful to their families and their country! We do have some representatives who walk around