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Earthquakes and Air! Matthew 8:24

“And behold there arose a great tempest in the sea, inasmuch that the ship was covered with the waves; but He was asleep.” The Greek word “seismos”, used for tempest can either mean an earthquake or a gale of wind. Are these events related? Could this have been a tsunami? Regardless Jesus used the air or His breath to command

History and Faith! Joshua 10:12-13

If the Lord did stay the sun for a whole day then this should show up in historical records of other cultures because it would affect the whole earth! The records of the Chinese during the reign of Emperor Yeo, who lived at the same time as Joshua reports a ‘long day’. Heroditus, a Greek historian wrote that an account

A Jewish Guest

We had a Jew from Israel meet us in our home last week. He found something peculiar to him in our living room? He told us he had visited a lot of Christian homes here in America but had never seen a Manorah in their homes? Why do you have a portrait of the Last Supper and a Manorah on

Is “Sware” a Good Word? Deuteronomy 6:13

When I was a small boy my mommy told me not to sware! I always though that to sware was using a bad word. Deuteronomy 6:13 says, “Thou shall fear the Lord thy God, and serve Him and shall sware by¬†His name.” The word serve here means to labor or work. I cannot have a tithe or offering¬†for God unless

What is the Book? Revelation 1:11

The Book here is the Book of Revelation! Notice that when Christ gave this Revelation to John he was to immediately release this to the seven churches in Asia. God puts a priority on “His Church” and “His Body” and does not leave us in the dark! The world is in darkness and like the navigator told the pilot we

Christmas Gift? Seal of God! Revelation 9:4

Remember in Revelation 5:1, the word book translated Bible in the Greek. The Bible in Heaven is sealed with 7 seals. Only one is worthy to open these seals is Jesus Christ! The Bible is not sealed here on earth but open to all who will receive it. When Jesus opens the seven seals in Heaven judgment is released on

No Bible Study in Heaven Revelation Chapter 5

If you are not presently reading your Bible here on earth this will be the only place you will have that opportunity! Do not think you will have all eternity to catch up on your homework! The Greek word for book is Biblion or Biblos which translates Bible! The Bible is sealed in Heaven by seven seals and will only

Swear! What Does It Mean? Genesis 21:23, Matthew 23:16-23

This word is interesting but not understood by most. As a child I was taught not to swear. What my parents meant was using bad words that would defame God. The old saying is do not let people swear by you or at you! So many advertisements in America use this word to try to sell their products. In the

3 strikes and your out!

Strike one is the housing crash! Srike two will be the stock market crash! Strike three will be government default on debt! I hope the experts are wrong but this is their predictions. Dollar would then crash and then what? One world government with anti-christ as the leader? Rapure of the Church before the seven year tribulation period? Armies patroling

There is Gold up in them Hills!

Since Obama took office the Jews have been buying up all the Gold! Why? The Jews are always two steps ahead of everyone else! You have seen the ads on TV, newspaper, ect, over past years to bring in your Gold! Gold prices have soared to new highs over past few years. The Jews are expecting the dollar to crash!