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Prayer! Matthew 21:13

Some people think that prayer means asking for things, and if they fail to receive exactly what they ask for, then they think the whole thing is a fraud! Gerald Vann (1906-1963), British Catholic Theologian, Author of 24 Books. Comment: Prayer is really fellowship with God! Fellowship with the Father through His Son! You remember some of Jesus words! Father

Church Government

It is a thoroughly anti-Christian doctrine that the Spirit of God, and therefore the life and governing power of the church, resides in the ministry, to the exclusion of the people! Charles Hodges (1797-1878) Comment; True but I have seen a church board vote and send a good Pastor down the road! I have seen elder’s gang up on a

New Life Church Sermon Notes. June 23, 2013

Scripture; Matthew 5; 33-35 1. Mean what you say and say what you mean – Honesty, Integrity. 2. Low Trust = Many Laws. We hear out of Washington everyday the following; “We will write another law so this never happens again!” 3. High Trust = Few Laws. 4. Build trust in our families. 5. Lack of trust causes us to