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Salute to American Veterans! November 11, 2017

The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought! Samuel Adams (1722-1803), Founding Father of the United States, Governor of Massachusetts, Church Deacon and architect of the principles of American Republicanism.

Just Give Me The Money!

Think it not hard if you get not your will, nor your delights in this life; God will have you rejoice in nothing but Himself! Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661) Scottish Theologian. In his political book, “The Law and the Prince”, he presents the theory of limited government and Constitutionalism. Charles Spurgeon described Rutherford’s letters as the nearest thing to inspiration in

Senior Lives Matter! 2 Samuel 17:27-29

Who was Barzillai? It is a name you might expect coming out of a Tarzan movie? It is a Hebrew name meaning steel or iron. Barzillai was the iron man of Gilead located in southern Israel. He was one of three men who helped King David flee his son Absalom who was trying to take the throne by force! David

Have a Rewards Card?

2 Samuel 22:21 The Lord rewarded me……….. Rewarded means to restore or repay! You are appointed benefits conveyed to you under God’s sovereignty! God rewards good and punishes evil! Jesus said in my house are many mansions! The word house here in the Greek conveys a meaning of a dwelling place in regards to a family! The word mansion in

What is a Familiar Spirit? 1 Samuel 28:7

Common sense would say a familiar spirit is a spirit you are familiar with! It is connected with Satan and sin! Before you were born again in Christ this is the spirit that ruled you! Saul sought a woman with a familiar spirit. Why? We will answer this soon! The word familiar spirit translated from the Hebrew means a necromancer.

Evil Spirit from the Lord? 1 Samuel 19:9

This verse in the Old Testament of your Bible may at first seem contradictory! God is good, righteous and Holy! When I was young my dad told me the way he would keep me out of hell was to beat the hell out of me! You may not want to use this scripture in Samuel to teach your 5th grade

Coronation at Bethlehem! 1 Samuel 16:13

Samuel the Priest anointed David at Bethlehem to replace King Saul. The estimated date is around 1030 B.C. About 1000 years later another King was born in Bethlehem! The Jews recognized that the Messiah, the Christ would come through David’s lineage. One of the key titles given to Jesus during His earthly ministry was “Son of David.” David was more

Worship The Right Way! 1 Samuel 13:

Saul was the first King of Israel. He was appointed and anointed by Samuel the Priest of Israel. Saul won a lot of military victories but lost the Spiritual victory! If you lose this victory you lose everything! Saul worshiped the wrong way! He tried to do the Priest’s job! Do not try to worship without the Priest! Jesus is

Cast Your Vote! 1 Samuel 8:4

Samuel made his son’s judge over Israel when he was old. However his son’s took bribes and loved money more than God! Their judgments were perverted! The Jews got fed up and wanted a King! They were going to take their chances with a political leader rather than a Priest! So they got Saul! As elections loom over America we

Book of Jasher? Joshua 10:13

The Book of Jasher is mentioned in the Book of Joshua and in 2 Samuel 1:18-27. Many believe the Book of Jasher was inserted because Joshua wanted to reference other sources to authenticate the event. The Book of Jasher is one of the apocalyptic Books. The Book of Jasher was left out of the canon of Scripture, however God directed