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Eclipse & Hurricanes! Isaiah 5: 26, 30

Verse 26; “And he will lift up and ensign or a hurt, strike, defeat or conqueror to the gentile nations from afar, and hiss at them from the end of the earth; and behold they shall come with speed swiftly.” Verse 30: “And in this day they shall roar against them like the roaring of the sea, and if one

Darwinism and World War II

Charles Darwin Quote: “I could show fight in natural selection having done and doing more for the progress of civilization than you inclined to admit. Remember what risk that the nations of Europe ran, not so many centuries ago of being overwhelmed by the Turks (Muslims), and how ridiculous such idea’s are now! The more civilized so called caucasian races

The Game is On! Bible Study

The game is not over but it is on! So when is the game over? When every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! I want to give you the ancient nations as listed in our Bible and then i want you to see the modern nations that make up those ancient nations today!

Napoleon’s Law and the Jews!

The French Revolution abolished the different treatment of people according to religion or origin under the Monarchy! The 1789 Declaration of Rights of man and the citizens guaranteed freedom of religion and free exercise of worship provided it did not contradict public order. At that time most other European countries implemented measures restricting the rights of people from minority religions.

Russia Owns U.S. Uranium Mine!

Since 2013, the nuclear arm of the Russian State has controlled 20 percent of America’s uranium capacity! The deal, approved by a committee which included then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also followed donations from the One’s Canadian chairman to the Clinton Global Foundation which is based in Canada along with the Clinton Foundation. Canadian law does not allow anyone

Has America Forgotten 9-11?

Misunderstanding of the present grows fatally from the ignorance of the past! Mark Bloch (1886-1944)  Mark was a Jewish professor and French resistance fighter captured by the Gestapo and executed during German occupation of France during WWII. Comment: Many of our American leaders seem to have no grasp of history? The war with Islam goes on and under Obama we


I shared with you earlier an article about dreams. I want to continue with you about visions and dreams. Visions and dreams are promised to God’s children! God imparts these into His own for encouragement! My people perish for a lack of knowledge! The natural man dreams and you might call them nightmares! The dreams of the natural man look

How Good is Your Memory? Putin and Obama!

Remember Obama’s words to Putin just before his re-election? After my re-election I will be able to do a lot more for you! Crimea is gone to Russia an important Black Sea port and Turkey is on the southern border of the Black Sea! Ukraine is falling fast to Russian conquest! Gog and Magog end times Bible prophecy is being

Israel Prepares For An Attack !

Israel believes Iran is involved in the missing Malaysian Airliner! Two young Iranian men boarded the aircraft with fake passports? They also purchased one way tickets with cash? If that is not a red flag what is? As we use our military assets to look for this airliner on the sea bed Israel believes the airliner may be in Iran

Russia And Ukraine In Bible Prophecy !

Can anyone stop Bible Prophecy? Can you stop the sun from rising in the east? Why would you want to stop it anyway? Satan would and has tried and is trying with much of the world with him! Satan has tried through killing Jews, Christians and through drugs, abortions, gambling and other crimes against humanity. But even Satan and his