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Peace Through Strength !

Romney has a good game plan for going forward! His two elements are a strong economy and a strong military! Congradulations! First plan I have seen over past 4 years! Thankyou. James Sasse.

Who Speaks For America?

On our previous Blog we mentioned a quote by William Kristol. Here it is again quote; “The important point is not to win a debate! The point is to win the presidency! The way to win the presidency is to speak for America”. Unquote. President Obama over the last 4 years has spoken for the gays! He has under the

Muslim or Mormon for President?

Which one do you want?Would you rather be Muslim mad or Mormon mad? Just a joke here but I cannot help myself! Another Joke; Muslim mad is to blow yourself up and get 70 virgins! Mormon mad is to marry and add another woman to your wives list! Obama will never blow himself up and Romney is faithful to his

Ryan Biden Debate

Joe Biden showed lack of character as this administration has done over past 4 years! Joe said he did not vote for Iraq Afghan Wars but he did vote for both wars! More deception displayed about what happened in our Consulate Security prior and following terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans in Libya! Lack of integrity at the top is

Slight Drop in Unemployment Rate!

I welcome any good news about more Americans being employed! However what we have here is seasonal hiring for Thanksgiving and Christmas! These jobs will end after Christmas. Thank the Lord for Christ for He adds more jobs for our people! We really need a change at the top to change destructive policies of President Obama! Fire our Boss on

Presidential Debate Round 1

Romney has Obama on the ropes! Roper Doper tricks will not save Obama! Vice Presidental debate prediction! Ryan will TKO Biden within 2 minutes of round one! FinishingTouches.Org Thankyou. James Sasse.

2012 Election Year Tax Issue!

President Obama claims that the rich in America are not paying their fair share of taxes? The facts dispute this allegation! 10 percent of the top wage earners in the United States pay 70 percent of all income tax! 50 percent of all Americans pay no income tax! So where is the fair share? It looks to me like us

Who Built the Bridges and Roads

Christ built the Bridge to Heaven for us! If I were Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan I would be asking President Obama this question? The truth is the American Taxpayer built the Bridges and Roads! Not only in America but in many nations around the world! No government can exist without funding from its citizens! Yes, Hard working Americans built