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The God Dilution! Romans 1:26-27

There is not a theologian in the world who can argue with me on this! God has no gender! If that’s the case everything needs to be rewritten! Susan Powter (Radical Feminist Lesbian). Comment: Has she ever talked to a Pastor, Priest or Theologian? Evidently not! Susan did you know God produced a Son through a woman and His name

Why Did Jesus Say Buy a Sword? Luke 22:36

I have probably read every commentary on this scripture! The words Jesus told His disciples probably have more meaning now that America is becoming more lawless ! The American Christian would have a different interpretation on this scripture than a Christian living in Iraq or Syria today! Ask the Kurdish Christian about this passage! Jesus also said those who live

Slight Drop in Unemployment Rate!

I welcome any good news about more Americans being employed! However what we have here is seasonal hiring for Thanksgiving and Christmas! These jobs will end after Christmas. Thank the Lord for Christ for He adds more jobs for our people! We really need a change at the top to change destructive policies of President Obama! Fire our Boss on