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Just Give Me The Money!

Think it not hard if you get not your will, nor your delights in this life; God will have you rejoice in nothing but Himself! Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661) Scottish Theologian. In his political book, “The Law and the Prince”, he presents the theory of limited government and Constitutionalism. Charles Spurgeon described Rutherford’s letters as the nearest thing to inspiration in

Prosperity or Poverty? Matthew 6:11

There are two extremes coming from the American pulpit! Prosperity preaching that says you can get it all if you just believe and the poverty message that if you just abstain from these vanities you will be blessed in the after life! Jesus said give us this day our daily bread! It was not give us more than we need

Coronation at Bethlehem! 1 Samuel 16:13

Samuel the Priest anointed David at Bethlehem to replace King Saul. The estimated date is around 1030 B.C. About 1000 years later another King was born in Bethlehem! The Jews recognized that the Messiah, the Christ would come through David’s lineage. One of the key titles given to Jesus during His earthly ministry was “Son of David.” David was more

Righteousness and Sin

We do not do righteousness! You receive righteousness! Jesus received your sin! You receive His righteousness! Jesus took your sin! You possess His righteousness! The sin you had or have is on Him! Joseph Prince

Have You Wrestled with God Lately? Genesis 32:24-28

Can you win this one? Jacob did! Here is the question we need to ask ourselves? Do you have enough Faith in God that if you wrestle with God you could win? One of my best friends back in high school loved to wrestle! I hated it but he loved it! Since we were good friends I became a wrestling

Esau and Jacob Romans 9:13

Why did God hate Esau and love Jacob? Esau was the first born and should get all the perks! The name Jacob means trickster or to supplant or replace. The name James in the New Testament is the same word as Jacob and has the same meaning! In fact in some foreign language translations of the New Testament calls the

A King In Zion ! Zechariah 9:9-17

Zechariah predicts a coming King of Zion, the Messiah! It begins with the scene of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Remember Zachariah made this prediction 520 years before it happened! Remember there is no evolution with God! God does not get better with time! He made time and all history revolves around His plans for the