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Two Stages to Anarchy! Isaiah 1:28

Hebrew translation “And the destruction of those who break away from religious and civil authority are criminals who habitually break the law and suffer the consequences of their actions shall be destroyed together! They that abandon the Lord shall perish!” Comment: As we look at this scripture we see the first stage is to break from religious authority! It may

Winston Churchill on Afghanistan 1897

Every man’s hand is against the other and all against the stranger! Nor are these struggles conducted with the weapons which usually belong to the races of such development. To the ferocity of the Zulu we added the craft of the Redskin and the markmanship of the Boer! The world is presented with that grim spectacle,”the strength of civilization without

Poland Cool Towards The Pope!

I cannot blame them! His liberal policies contradict our Faith! He is begging nations to take in these Islamist from Syria and elsewhere? Our Western leaders may be stupid but they are not! One of the greatest Pope’s that ever lived came out of Poland! But Pope Francis? No Thanks! James and Hamsa Sasse.

The Iran Solution!

Sell them ObamaCare policies! If they like their Nuke they can keep their Nukes!

ObamaCare Strikes Twice!

Yes, lightning does strike twice! The Denmark Zoo feeds another giraffe to the Lions! The ObamaCare policy assures that all the animals will have food! They can sleep peacefully knowing their government (zoo keepers), will supply their every need! The giraffe population had their private food policies cancelled last month? They were encouraged to go on the government run food

Slight Drop in Unemployment Rate!

I welcome any good news about more Americans being employed! However what we have here is seasonal hiring for Thanksgiving and Christmas! These jobs will end after Christmas. Thank the Lord for Christ for He adds more jobs for our people! We really need a change at the top to change destructive policies of President Obama! Fire our Boss on

United Nations Human Rights Council

President Bush and previous administrations refused to allow the United States to join this organization. The funding for this council comes from Muslim nations and has a pro-Islam agenda and a anti-Israel agenda. President Obama joined the United States to this council when he came into office. Two of the biggest supporters for this organization are Saudi Arabia and Egypt.