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Light to the Gentiles! Isaiah 49:6

“And he said, It is a small thing that thou should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel. I will also give thee for enlightenment to the non-Jewish people, that thou may be my salvation unto that ends of the earth.” Comment: Why has planet earth had a history of

Heaven or Hell?

Two places are ordained for man to dwell in after this life! While he is here, he may choose, by God’s mercy, which he will; but once he is gone from here, he may not do so. For whichever he first goes to, whether he like it well or ill, there he must dwell forevermore! He shall never after change

End of the World? Matthew Chapter 24!

About 2000 years ago Jesus disciples asked Him the signs of the end of the age? I suppose we are all curious as His disciples were? Jesus summed it up this way; 1. Many false Christ’s would come. 2. Wars and rumours of wars but end not yet. 3. Famines, pestilences,earthquakes in diverse places. 4. You shall be hated and