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Christ Prophecy Old Testament (Part 1)

Isaiah 11:2 (Hebrew Translation) “And the breath of the Lord shall rest on Him, the spirit of knowledge, intelligence, insight, judgment and prudence, the spirit of advice and might, the spirit of understanding and perception and reverence and worship to the Lord.” Comment: Does it get any better than this? Isaiah wrote this scripture about 600 years before the birth

Do You Need Intervention? Romans 8:27

Greek Translation: ‘He that searches the thoughts and intentions of the heart knows what is the purpose of the Spirit because He intervenes for the morally blameless (Saints), according to the will of God.” Comment: Mt biggest surprise when translating this passage from the Greek are from the two English words “Maketh intercession.” The two English words used here have

Pentecost Sunday May 19, 2013

We have a birthday today! Yes the birth of His Church! Fifty days after Christ was raised from the dead His Church was born! Remember the Torah or Law was given to the people after 50 days. In the Old Testament God gave us the standard to live by but in the New Testament at Pentecost through His Holy Spirit


Isaiah Chapter 17 has alot to say about the city of Damascus! Isaiah opens with the burden of Damascus and that the city will be no more in a future event. Damascus is one of the oldest if not the oldest city in the world. It has a history of going back at least 5000 years or more! You could