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Is Salvation Important or Not? John 3:16

The life of the hereafter is the outcome of all this world! Said Nursi (1878-1960) Turkish Theologian

Great Leadership!

It is characteristic excellence of the strong man that he bring momentous issues to the fore and make a decision about them! The weak are always forced to decide between alternatives they have not chosen themselves! Dietrich Bonhoeffer Comment; What was the alternative to the Cross? Failure! What is the alternative to work? Welfare. Every leader is following someone! There

Signs of the End! Matthew 24:7 Earthquakes

First our condolences to the families of Nepal in their great loss of life! God does not cause earthquakes! God does not cause physical death! Man’s rebellion and sin against God is responsible! But God has promised to raise us from the dead! According to the Bible there are many signs on the earth and in the heavens in the

Tempted Or Tested? Genesis 22:1, Matthew 6:13, James 1:13

These are two different words in the Hebrew and Greek. God will test us! Satan will tempt us! The sources are different and the outcome is different. Abraham was tested with his son Isaac. Judas was tempted. Jesus was tempted but resisted by quoting scripture to Satan. Jesus was tested by His Father on the Cross. God giving you a