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Easter Hope!

People respond when you tell them there is a great future in front of you and you can leave your past behind! Joel Osteen

Obedience in Heaven!

Two elderly ladies passed on about the same time and were in orientation classes together being briefed about their new home! The angel told them they were to respect all life including the animal kingdom! They were cautioned never to step on a duck! After the briefing they were so careful walking around Heaven! However one of the ladies did

Joel Osteen Side Steps Gay Marriage Questions?

Again he avoids answering questions about gays and gay marriage by saying this is not the focus in our ministry! Joel I would say to you to have the moral courage to simply say the Bible says it is a sin and wrong! What the Bible says about our cultural social issues needs to be our focus! Does money corrupt?

Grandpa Settles For Less!

Grandpa owned a small fishing boat. So he took it to the lake one Sunday afternoon and rowed to the center of this small lake. He let his line down in the water when he heard a voice? Pick me up the voice spoke! Grandpa looked around but saw no one? Again the voice sounded pick me up! Grandpa looked

Police Cadet!

A young man decided to join the police force. He began his career by enrolling in a police academy for his training. He completed his training and prepared for his final examination! The examiner asked him if he would be able to arrest a relative if he had to? The young cadet paused and then the examiner said let me

Million Dollar Challenge!

A very wealthy man threw alot of parties at his mansion. This wealthy man had an olympic size swimming pool in his back yard. He was a peculiar man because he filled his swimming pool with sharks and alligators! At every party he would challenge his guests that anyone who could dive into one end of the pool and swim