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Trick or Treat?

Is it ObamaCare or ObamaCareLess?

The Iran Solution!

Sell them ObamaCare policies! If they like their Nuke they can keep their Nukes!

Aristotle’s Thoughts about God! Lesson 3

Aristotle believed that God causes the movement of other things, not as an efficient cause, but as a final cause. In other words, it does not start off the movement by giving it some kind of push, but it is the purpose, or end, or the teleology, of the movement. This is important for Aristotle, because he thought that an

Lawrence Welk Show 1965

This was a joke on his show given in 1965; My wife asked me to take her out to an expensive place! I took her to a gas station! Then in 1965 gas was about 20 cents per gallon! Now today this would no longer be a joke. Today a gas station is about the most expensive place you can

ObamaCare Strikes Twice!

Yes, lightning does strike twice! The Denmark Zoo feeds another giraffe to the Lions! The ObamaCare policy assures that all the animals will have food! They can sleep peacefully knowing their government (zoo keepers), will supply their every need! The giraffe population had their private food policies cancelled last month? They were encouraged to go on the government run food

Denmark Zoo Implements ObamaCare!

Per news report a Danish Zoo killed a giraffe to feed the Lions! ObamaCare works a little different here where they kill the Lion to feed the weasels! Thankyou. James Sasse.

Obama Wants Mandates Delayed Until 2016?

This is just the latest out of the White House? He changes the law as he goes! The significant change that has come to America since Obama has come to power is prior to Obama America was governed by Rule of Law! This is not the case anymore for America is becoming a land of Lawlessness! I think to delay

ObamaCare Admitted To ICU Unit!

Patient is on life support and is not expected to live! Patient has requested to be buried in a pet cemetery with his hamster! Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Turkey Gets Pardoned But Not Us?

How about the rest of us Turkey’s? Obama gives a Turkey a pardon but not us! Why can’t Obama pardon us from ObamaCare like he did the Turkey? Health Care in a roaster pan under fire is not fun! James.

ObamaCare Trick or Treat?

What does the word Halloween mean? The word means a Holy person or Saint. It started as a Christian celebration of the departed Saints. It is followed up the next day called, “All Saints Day.” The problem is over time the event has moved from celebrating life to celebrating death! As Christians we celebrate life and not death! Jesus conquered