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Christmas Myth Debunked! Luke 2:8

Skeptics over the years claimed that the winter time would be too cold for the shepherd herders to be out in the field with their sheep! The average temperature in Bethlehem Israel in the month of December is 59 degree’s F. There are 6 hours of bright sunlight each day which represents 58 percent of the 10 hours of daylight.

Good Success? Joshua 1:8

To start off the new year we need to know what good success is? The word means to be prudent! To act in wisdom, insight and devotion! When you add circumspect with intelligence you find good success! T.D. Jakes once said if you have good success then it is possible to have bad success! What would be bad success? Living

American Indians Confirm Biblical Event!

Joshua 10:13 “So the sun stood still in the midst of Heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.” Comment: American Indians, who would have been on the other side of the earth, have recorded in their culture about a “Long night”, that occurred at the same time in history! Research concludes we had a

Church In The City (Lesson 3) 1 Corinthians 3: 6-11

Paul wrote this letter to Corinth from Ephesus. By comparison today’s culture in America looks like Disney World compared to Corinth and Ephesus! God raises up a group of people to follow Jesus in a wicked culture. Let His light shine through you in the midst of a dark world. World history boils down to God looking for a group

Monday Night’s Presidential Debate

The important point is not to win a debate! The point is to win the presidency! The way to win the presidency is to speak for America! Source; William Kristol, The Weekly Standard

Million Dollar Challenge!

A very wealthy man threw alot of parties at his mansion. This wealthy man had an olympic size swimming pool in his back yard. He was a peculiar man because he filled his swimming pool with sharks and alligators! At every party he would challenge his guests that anyone who could dive into one end of the pool and swim

Water Bed Fountain!

The year was 1986 in Yercaud India. We brought our water bed matresses from USA to India. They were popular then and comfortable. We set them up on the floor and filled them with water. Problem was the servants were afraid of them because they moved when they touched them while cleaning! Our servant in Yercaud asked my wife why

Christmas Story will not save you!

It was around Christmas time in New York City. It was a cold night with light snow showers. Christmas carol’s were being sung around the city. An old man was walking down the street in Brooklyn. His mind was on his past and the mess he had made of his life! So many bad decisions and wrong choices. His thoughts