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Subjective Morality? Exodus 20:1-17

This is what the atheists in America are proclaiming! That is if man is just left to himself he will do good things! The historical evidence debunkes the left ideology! More people were killed by war in the 20th Century than the previous 19 Centuries! What happened to the evolutionary model? Getting better? We did not get off to a

Stay Focused!

When i was in grade school back in the 1950″s we attended this small Methodist Church in a little town named Pilger Nebraska. It was Vacation Bible School time and my brother Tommy who was 2 years younger and my cousin Bill who was 2 years older all attended the same VBS class. Cousin Bill spent 2 years in the

Billy Graham Tribute

Billy Graham at age 93 is back in the hospital. He is working on another book! He never tires in well doing! When I was a teenager back in the 1960’s I used to watch his crusades on my grandparents old Philco black and white TV set on the farm back in Nebraska. This man had a significant impact on