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Trump Valetine Card!

Darling! I want you to stay on my side of the wall!

Give Me My Space!

The space between light and darkness is decisions! Choose this day who you will serve! James and Hamsa Sasse.

Deflategate Confession!

Tom Brady said the only time I touch the ball is when the center snaps the ball to me! However I still play with my balls!

Obama Theme Song Negotiations with Iran!

A candy colored clown they call the sandman Tip toes into my room every night! Just to sprinkle stardust and whisper: “Go to sleep, everything is alright!” I close my eyes. Then I drift away into the magic night I softly say I close my eyes then I drift away into the magic night I softly say. I smile and

Reservations Confirmed!

My mother passed tonight November 25, 2014, 9:10 PM, MST. The place Jesus prepared for her is now occupied! I visited my mom last Tuesday at McKee Medical center in Loveland Colorado. She could not open her eyes but she could hear me! I said, “Mom you are the best mom in the whole world!” She weakly replied, “I tried.”

Are You Prepared to Die?