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The Just Judge! Isaiah 11:4

Hebrew Translation:”With honesty, integrity and peace He shall judge the poor with uprightness and justice for the meek inhabitants of the land, and He shall punish, defeat and slay the inhabitants of the earth with the Ruler’s staff with His speech and with the breath of His voice shall bring unnatural death to those who challenge God.” Comment: What fool

Is Jesus God? Philippians 2:6-8

Jesus while He was here on earth positively laid claim to Deity is clear from the fact that the Jews reproached Him with two accusations: first. that He place God on par with Himself—and this they called blasphemy, secondly, that He made Himself God—and in this they thought they recognized the false prophet, although both idea’s merged together in John

Look For Two Beasts ! Revelation Chapter 13

This is not a tour of your local zoo! This is not your spouse or your boss we are talking about. This is a virtual tour of two upcoming world leaders described in the Book of Revelation. One leader the anti-christ will be the political leader of the entire world. The second beast will be the false prophet and the