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Touched by an Angel? 2 Peter 2:4

What do we know about angels? From our Bible we know that there are 3 basic groups of angels. Gabriel (messenger angels), Michael (war angels), Lucifer (praise angel), who became Satan! We know that angels are created beings just like humans! We know we are not to worship angels. We know we were created just a little lower than the

Are You a Remnant? Romans 9:29

Paul was quoting the Old Testament here in Isaiah 1:9. Jesus quoted the Old Testament a lot! In Romans here Paul uses the word Sabaoth! This word means the armies of Heaven! Remember the war angel Michael? They are still employed by God! Isaiah uses the word remnant while Paul uses the word seed. The Hebrew word for our English

Tribute To America’s Greatest!

These fallen hero’s represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from the threats of terror! Michael N. Castle, Governor of Delaware (1993-2011), U.S. Congressman (1993-2011). Comment: There are two kinds of people in this world! There are givers and

Look Outside The Box!

No one has to be taught to trust in themselves! No one has to be taught that what you experience inside yourself is more authoritative than what comes to you externally, even if it comes from God! Since the Fall, it has been part of our character to look within ourselves! Michael Horton  Comment: All sin comes from within. Salvation

Homosexual Behavior?

Does Scripture forbid homosexual behavior? Of course it does! Jesus and His apostles taught that God’s intention in marriage is for a man to leave his parents and join himself to one woman. American Theologian Michael Horton (1964-    )

Remember This When You Vote!

In this politically charged season, we do well to remember that we are not voting for a savior but a servant—one who needs to demonstrate that if he or she has served God faithfully, it is a clear indication that he or she will serve the nation similarly. If you are looking for someone with a Messianic complex, then he

Ways to Grow Your Blog!

Share a resource! Be like Google!  2. Report someone else’s post! Serve others!  3. Make announcements!  4. Reveal something personal!  5. Ask a question?  6. Provide discounts if selling stuff!  7. Reply to questions!  8. Report on what you are doing now!  9. Offer Praise! Spotlight others! Make it about your audience!  10. Wish someone well! Call attention to people

Angel Worship? Psalm 148: 2-6

Do you have a guardian Angel? There are about 300 scriptures in your Bible on Angels! First remember Angels are created beings. The Trinity created them and you and me! They also created the Heavens and the earth! The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit all pre-existed all creation and are authors of creation. There is some debate as to

Arab Spring?

Muammar Gaddafi ruled Lybia for 40 years! Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for 30 years! During their reign no United States Consulate was ever attacked and no Diplomats murdered and their staff! When news of Gaddafi’s murder reached the State Department Hillary Clinton laughed and mocked Gaddafi as can be seen on video. Who is laughing now? Russia is smarter than

Drugs take down Elvis, Michael and Whitney!

Yes and along with millions more in the earth! Why? The pop star life does not satisfy! So reality of its failures is blurred with drugs to escape the emptyness it produces! The Bible has strong warnings against drug abuse. Particularly in the Book of Revelation Chapter nine, verses 20-21, Chapter 18, verse 23, Chapter 21 verse 8 and Chapter