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God’s Immigration Policy! John 3:16

New World Quote; “And I say that your Highnesses ought not to consent that any foreigner does business or sets foot here, except Christian Catholics since this was the end and beginning of this enterprise, that it should be for the enhancement and glory of the Christian religion, not should anyone who is not a good Christian come to these

Jesus is Watching You!

A burglar broke into a home late at night and climbed through a window with his flashlight and began going through the rooms looking for jewelry and cash! He was sure the family was out of the house? He came to the living room in the dark and began going through drawers looking for treasure! Suddenly this voice seemed to

The Lawless One! 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Have you noticed over the past 8 years that lawlessness has increased in America? If have not then your head is stuck in the sand somewhere? Remember Obama proclaimed America is not a Christian nation? What does all this mean? Just as the wise men were looking for Christ’s first coming so we as wise men are looking for His


I shared with you earlier an article about dreams. I want to continue with you about visions and dreams. Visions and dreams are promised to God’s children! God imparts these into His own for encouragement! My people perish for a lack of knowledge! The natural man dreams and you might call them nightmares! The dreams of the natural man look

Looking Back 2000 Election Bush/Gore

If George W. Bush is elected president, he will have many people to thank! One of them is Osama Siblani. During Bush’s October 5 meeting with Arab-American leaders at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn Michagan, Siblani told the Texas governor about two top concerns of Arab Americans: The use of ethnic profiling by aviation officials, which leads many Americam Arabs