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Incarnation in You! John 3:5-8

Here is the definition of the word “Incarnation”, from the Merrian-Webster Dictionary: “The embodiment of a Deity or Spirit in some earthly form; the union of divinity with humanity in Jesus Christ.” Comment: Jesus told Nicodemus he must be born again! After you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior your sin is forgiven then you have a born again experience

Sequel to Judas Iscariot

Remember in the previous blog posting I asked you some questions about Judas Iscariot? One of those questions was why did Jesus not cast the devil out of Judas Iscariot? Jesus cast seven devil’s out of Mary Magdalene! Well, you say the plot to betray Jesus would have been spoiled! It says in the Gospel of Luke that Satan entered

Judas Iscariot Mark 14:10

Judas has gotten some bad press over the centuries! He earned it! Where did he go wrong? Books have been written about him and some even supporting him? The Gnostic writings claim Jesus made a deal with Judas? It says in the Gospel of Luke that Satan entered Judas! How do you get to that point? Jesus cast out demons

Christian Scapegoats! Leviticus 16:18

A scapegoat refers to someone who is unfairly blamed by others for their problems! Leviticus 16:18 “And Aron shall place lots upon the two he goats: One for the Lord and the other for absolute removal.” The second goat was sent into the wilderness carrying the people’s sin’s! The two goats were chosen by lot. Why? Casting lots was used

Strange Fire! Leviticus 10:1

The Hebrew verb means to be a stranger or foreigner! It can also mean to go astray. It means to do something outside the Law of God! This same word is used several times in Proverbs to describe an adulterous woman! Nothing could be more serious than to be a stranger with God! Sin will make us strangers with God!

Slaves become Wealthy and Wealthy become Slaves!

His ways are past finding out! I want to do a literal translation from the Hebrew of Proverbs 13:22 and Exodus 3: 21-22. Here we go! Proverbs: A good man takes property as a permanent possession and gives it to his children and grandchildren and the strength and influence of an army who fail any task or endeavor is laid

False Christ’s! Matthew 24:24

A false Christ will use Christ for his own gain! He build’s on the world’s expectations of such a person, while he blasphemously appropriates these expectations and affirms them as his own promising these expectations are found in him. He is the same character as the antichrist who opposes the real Christ. He will usurp Christ’s office, presenting himself to

What Happened To Jesus’ Prosecutors? Easter 2014

1. Judas Iscariot- Hung himself 2. Pontius Pilot- Married the daughter of Emperor Tiberius. He was ordered back to Rome after harshly supporting a Samaritan uprising after the death of Tiberius which occurred on March 16, in 37 A.D. He was replaced by Marcelus who the new Roman Emperor installed. The new Roman Emperor Caligula (37-41 A.D.), exiled Pilot to

Tempted Or Tested? Genesis 22:1, Matthew 6:13, James 1:13

These are two different words in the Hebrew and Greek. God will test us! Satan will tempt us! The sources are different and the outcome is different. Abraham was tested with his son Isaac. Judas was tempted. Jesus was tempted but resisted by quoting scripture to Satan. Jesus was tested by His Father on the Cross. God giving you a


Sometimes i wish God would have made salvation mandatory instead of optional? You know like paying your taxes is mandatory. I suppose that just like you have tax cheats you would have salvation cheats like Judas! Options are an important part of democratic liberties but when time runs out all options end! Like 2 seconds left on the clock in