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Light to the Gentiles! Isaiah 49:6

“And he said, It is a small thing that thou should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel. I will also give thee for enlightenment to the non-Jewish people, that thou may be my salvation unto that ends of the earth.” Comment: Why has planet earth had a history of

A Jewish Guest

We had a Jew from Israel meet us in our home last week. He found something peculiar to him in our living room? He told us he had visited a lot of Christian homes here in America but had never seen a Manorah in their homes? Why do you have a portrait of the Last Supper and a Manorah on

Judaism and Christ!

Judaism was the womb that birthed forth Christ and Christianity! Let us never forget the unbreakable link between the Christian and the Jew. Though some Jews today reject Christ let us not forget that their history was foundational to bring our Messiah into the earth! The Jewish history and culture prepared the way for God to position His Son to

There is a God but His Name is not Allah ! (Lesson 2)

Although “Allah” has become known as the proper name for the Muslim god, Allah is not a name, but a desciptor that means literally, “the god”. All pagan cultures have these generic terms that refer to their ‘top god’ as ‘the god’. In comparison to the perfect monotheism of Judaism and Christianity. “Allah” was originally no more a proper name