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Light to the Gentiles! Isaiah 49:6

“And he said, It is a small thing that thou should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel. I will also give thee for enlightenment to the non-Jewish people, that thou may be my salvation unto that ends of the earth.” Comment: Why has planet earth had a history of

Have You Wrestled with God Lately? Genesis 32:24-28

Can you win this one? Jacob did! Here is the question we need to ask ourselves? Do you have enough Faith in God that if you wrestle with God you could win? One of my best friends back in high school loved to wrestle! I hated it but he loved it! Since we were good friends I became a wrestling

Esau and Jacob Romans 9:13

Why did God hate Esau and love Jacob? Esau was the first born and should get all the perks! The name Jacob means trickster or to supplant or replace. The name James in the New Testament is the same word as Jacob and has the same meaning! In fact in some foreign language translations of the New Testament calls the

Want To Build A Altar To God? Requires Blood! Genesis 35:1

The word for Altar in the Hebrew is the word, “Mizbeach.” It means the place of sacrifice by slaughtering an animal. The sacrificial system was at the focal point of the Israelite system of worship since the sacrifice and subsequent meal were used to solemnize a covenant or treaty to symbolize a position relationship between two parties. Noah built an

Family Feud!

Abraham had two wives. Sarah and Hagar produced a son from Abraham. Sarah produced Isaac and Hagar produced Ishmael. Since then the Jews and Arabs have warred over family position and predominance! God in the Book of Genesis promised to Bless both families. The promised seed(Christ), was to come through the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When Islam began