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In The Beginning! John 1:1-4

To come to terms with our beginning requires a truthful story to acquire the skills to live in gratitude rather than resentment for the gift of life!  Theologian Stanley Hauerwas

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Ben Carson

It doesn’t matter if you come from the inner city! People who fail in life are people who find lots of excuses! It is never too late for a person to recognize that they have potential in themselves! Benjamin Carson

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Many talk much, and indeed well, of what Christ has done for us: but how little is spoken of what He is to do in us and yet all that He has done for us is in reference to what He is to do in us! Adam Clarke (1760-1832)

Angel of Peace?

The Pope recently called Palestinian leader Abbas an angel of peace? Which angel was the Pope talking about? Is it Michael, Gabriel or Lucifer? Last year Abbas praised the murder of a Rabbi saying the killer would go to Paradise as a martyr? This event and many others support scripture and my belief that the one world religious ruler or


Visit many good books, but live in the Bible! Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

Political Party Primary Race Analysis!

Republican Party Race= Kentucky Derby! Democratic Party Race= Mule in the Barn!

Obama Theme Song Negotiations with Iran!

A candy colored clown they call the sandman Tip toes into my room every night! Just to sprinkle stardust and whisper: “Go to sleep, everything is alright!” I close my eyes. Then I drift away into the magic night I softly say I close my eyes then I drift away into the magic night I softly say. I smile and

Closing Payer New Life Church

Closing prayer before communion service. Thankyou Lord that you saw in me what no one else could see! Pastor Brady Boyd, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Church In The City 1 Corinthians 12:—-

The Lord is asking you this morning what do I need from you? God is asking you what is His biggest need? As we enter into the Easter season the answer is that you would be a faithful witness to His Resurrection!  Acts 1:– Go to Jerusalem and wait for me! Do not attempt to do it on your own.

Can Wealth Cause Us To Forget God?

Amos was a prophet who made pleas to his people and made some predictions of the destruction of Israel ! He was unpopular because he ministered at the peak of Israel’s material and political success. Israel was enjoying a prosperous reign under Jeroboam II, who had expanded Israel’s territory and secured it from external threats. However as Hosea observed and