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Cowboys & Grandma’s Tonic!

Little Alice was told by her grandma early in her life that she was going to live a long life if she obeyed and listened to grandma! Grandma told Alice that in order to live a long life she needed to take 1/2 teaspoon of gun powder mixed with 8 ounces of water everyday for the rest of her life!

Grandma gets Challenged!

Grandma had a daughter who gave birth to a cute little granddaughter! Little Mary loved grandma very much! Mom brought her over to grandma’s to spend the night. Mom told little Mary she had to be in bed by 8:00 PM. Grandma announced to Mary it was now time to go to bed! Little Mary said no grandma! I do

Old Charley!

It was the summer of 1958. I remember because my parents bought a brand new Ford Fairlane 500! We thought we were in Heaven! We lived on a farm in Nebraska and as kids did not know we were on the bottom end of the food chain! Me and little brother Tommy were out harassing the little birds with our

Grandpa and Grandma get a Son! Genesis 18

They say that if your two year old son raises his hands up to his father and says grandpa you know you have a miracle! Abraham has three men show up at his tent door in the heat of the day! Normally people do not travel in the heat of the day? These men were not normal and represent a

Put it in Writing!

Grandpa and Grandma were getting up in age and were forgetting alot of things! Their doctor told them to write everything down so they would not forget. They were both seated on the sofa when Grandma asked Grandpa to get her some ice cream and strawberry’s from the kitchen. Grandpa got up off the sofa to get these but Grandma