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Herod’s Letter to Caesar (John the Baptist)

To Tiberius Caesar and the Roman Senate; “My Noble Lords, Greetings: The facts in the case are about as follows: John the Baptist had set up a new mode of religion altogether different from the Jewish religion, teaching baptism instead of circumcision, which had been the belief and the custom of the Jews in all ages past. According to their

Is God a Show Off? 2 Kings 5:11-14

Naaman the Captain of the Syrian Army had trouble following simple directions! Can i get a witness? First of all he was informed by his Jewish servant girl who was captured and made a slave through the spoils of war that there was a God in Israel who could heal his leprocy! Then Naaman sends money to the King of

It’s Only Make Believe! John 3:16

Conway Twitty co-composed a song back in 1958 that went to the top of the charts as the number one song and held this rank for two years! The theme of the song was that he wished and prayed that this girl would love him as he loved her but finally realized that her love for him was only make

30 Pieces of Silver!

The year was 1986. The place was Yercaud, India. We had just moved from Madras(Chennai), to this small village located on a mountain in South India. One big problem moving from big city to small village is finding adequate housing for my family. My uncle victor who was an MD. down in Salem had a friend who was a wealthy