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Where do our Liberties come From?

The liberal wing of the Democratic party and the liberal State run media here in America today have become a referee between the forces of evil and the forces of good! If the good advances too much over evil then they throw a flag and penalize the righteous! They still want some good around to keep the system from collapsing

Jews and Muslims Live Peacefully!

Israel only has a population of 8.2 million people. Of this total 20 percent are Muslims! They work and live together peacefully! The attacks against Israel come from outside Israel financed by Iran! Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Object of Your Faith?

Our Faith is no better than the object in which it is placed! Airplanes crash and ships sink! We can trust in our senses and physical body but it will ultimately fail us in death! If we trust anything more than God our Faith will be faulty! Jesus Christ will never fail you because He has promised to raise you

Praise and Worship Revelation!

God likes to hear from you who He is! Do you through your daily worship remind Him? Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Revelation For 2014

As the year closes out I try to look back and see the greatest revelation given to me by my daily personal Bible reading and study. This is not revelation from other ministries which is important also because no one has the corner market on revelation for it is spread across His Body the Church! Here is the highlight for

Most Terrifying Words You Will Ever Hear!

I am from the government and we are here to help you! President Ronald Reagan

Back Off! Exodus 3:5

Take off your shoes for you are standing on Holy Ground! What man made thing is separating you from God? Source; Jon Egan, Executive Pastor of Worship, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Comment; The word “Ground”, is translated from the Hebrew to mean the clay or earth God used in the creation of man. Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Who Can You Trust? Micah 7:5-7

These statements in verses 5 – 7 in Micah Chapter 7 made by Micah are reflected in the teaching of Christ to His disciples. (Matthew 10:35-37) Jesus was also showing how complete dedication to Him would bring about rejection from those close to you and even in your immediate family! The person who places family ahead of his or her

Sinner’s Prayer!

Dear Jesus, Save me from your followers! Amen.

Law Verses Grace!

Text; Galatians Chapter 5, Verse 4. This text is often missused to teach that the phrase “fall from grace” means that a person can loose his or her salvation. In the context of the verses one through three Paul is teaching how depending on the law of Moses for salvation makes Christ’s work on the Cross meaningless! Then in verse