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National Emblem!

For my own part, I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country! He is a bird of bad moral character! He does not get his living honestly! Benjamin Franklin   Comment: Dear Mr. Franklin, He only kills for food like you and I. He does not kill for revenge and out of anger! He does

Empty Vessels! 2 Kings 4:1-7

The widow of a Prophet had two sons. She could not pay her debts so her two sons would become slaves! Slavery was different then! During this period Hebrew slavery was according to law! The period of slavery was limited to six years! (Exodus 21:2) Slaves had protections and rights under the law! It was possible for slaves to attain

Beach Wedding

Would you like a beautiful wedding under the ocean sky? Let your colors be selected by your Creator! Let us begin with a turquoise sky contrasted by a white sand beach. Decide your water colors depending on the time of day. As the sun rises and sets over this occasion let the orange ball of light speak of eternity as

ObamaCare Strikes Twice!

Yes, lightning does strike twice! The Denmark Zoo feeds another giraffe to the Lions! The ObamaCare policy assures that all the animals will have food! They can sleep peacefully knowing their government (zoo keepers), will supply their every need! The giraffe population had their private food policies cancelled last month? They were encouraged to go on the government run food

Is It All About Food?

Adam and Eve were given all the food in the garden except one tree! They had a vegetarian dish of everything except for one dish! Could they follow instructions? No! Israel ate the Passover mean with unleavened bread before leaving Egypt. No time to ferment the bread they had to get out of Dodge(town). Moses got complaints about the food

What Did Jesus Say About Following Him? Matthew 7:13-14

Jesus had a radical message! You can only enter in at the narrow way, narrow passage or narrow gate to follow me. A narrow gate would only be about the width of your shoulders. You cannot carry any baggage with you when you go through it. Following Jesus through the narrow gate requires focus with no distractions in the way.

Mistaken Identity!

My Pastor Steve from Macon Georgia is a very talented man and oversee’s a congregation of about 1200 people. As a college student at Lee College he took a summer job in the local town at a funeral home. He thought the experience of ministering to the grieving would help him prepare for the ministry. That summer the funeral director

God’s Best Gift? Satan’s Best Gift?

A conclusive list of God’s Gift’s are listed in First Corinthians Chapter One and Chapter 12. Also Romans Chapter 12 and Ephesians Chapter 4. Pastor Brady Boyd at New Life Church in Colorado Springs gave us two important purposes of our spiritual gifts in his Sunday message. They are; 1. Our gifts bring others to God! 2. Our gifts help

Good Intentions at Windsor Castle

A young man had a deep desire to find God! A friend suggested to him to join a monastery. So he went to Windsor Castle and spoke to the Head Monk. This monk encouraged him to sign up for the 30 year program. The monk explained to him the hard work and discipline involved with this program! Long hours working