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Judgment Seat of Christ! Isaiah 16:5

700 B.C. Hebrew Translation: “And with mercy with forgiveness of sins shall the Royal Throne be established with faithfulness and stability: and he shall sit upon it in truth, firm and faithful in the Tabernacle of David the dwelling place of his family, judging by punishing the wicked and legitimizing the righteous, and seeking judgment by rendering a judicial verdict

Hebrew? Genesis 14:13

Abram was first called a Hebrew in this passage. The name Hebrew means to cross over or pass over. We as Christian’s are immigrants because we belong to another world! The Jews crossed over into the Promised land! Our citizenship is in Heaven as we pass through this world! Heaven is our home as Jesus has promised to prepare a

Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens!

Ray Lewis started the Superbowl in Faith and ended it in Faith in God! At the beginning of the game during the coin toss he called heads! Why? Because the Bible says we are the head and not the tail! After the Raven’s won the super bowl he said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Ray