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Subjective Morality? Exodus 20:1-17

This is what the atheists in America are proclaiming! That is if man is just left to himself he will do good things! The historical evidence debunkes the left ideology! More people were killed by war in the 20th Century than the previous 19 Centuries! What happened to the evolutionary model? Getting better? We did not get off to a

Bernie Sanders Attacks Christian! Exodus 14:14

A few days ago the Senate was confirming one of President Trump’s cabinet nominee’s! Bernie had to get up there on the stage and mock this man’s Christian faith! I did not say anything because I know the Lord will always vindicate His own! I knew there would be some evidence to follow but when I heard Bernie have to

God Repented? Genesis 6:6

The controversy of this scripture and Exodus 32:14 and Numbers 23:19, is the result of the translation of the word “Repented”, from the Hebrew to the English! You can research this yourself using any Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. The word repented in the Hebrew means to be sorry. In the New testament the word “Repented”, in the Greek means to think

What is a Hardened Heart? Exodus 4:21

If we take the Hebrew word, “Chazaq”, we find it is a verb and means to be courageous and overpowering! This might seem like a paradox in that God causes Pharaoh to become courageous and overpowering to oppose God! You might say Pharaoh played the fool! If I had been Pharaoh and know what I know now I would have

Slaves become Wealthy and Wealthy become Slaves!

His ways are past finding out! I want to do a literal translation from the Hebrew of Proverbs 13:22 and Exodus 3: 21-22. Here we go! Proverbs: A good man takes property as a permanent possession and gives it to his children and grandchildren and the strength and influence of an army who fail any task or endeavor is laid

“I AM That I AM” Exodus 3:14

The Hebrew word, “Hayath” means to exist, to be, to become, to happen, to come to pass and to be done! An important point here is the word is a verb and not a noun! The name represents action! The word suggests the timelessness of God who is the foundation of all existence. In Revelation 1:4, it is said of

Iraq 1941

The Farhud pogrom on Jews in Iraq–June 1941. It was followed agitation by the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, perpetuated by a pro-Nazi Arab mob, led by Al_Muthanna club’s al-Futuwwa Arabic-Islamic Fascist paramilitary group. Iraqi soldiers were among the first attackers. Jews were killed randomly, hundreds were injured, women and children were raped in front of their relatives, babies crushed, and

Abuse a Stranger Exodus 22:21

President Obama quoted this scripture to justify his actions to give millions of illegal immigrants legal status through executive order! Obama is changing our laws all by himself? If a stranger is breaking the laws of the United States whether citizen or illegal there are consequences! We have laws for rape, murder, robbery and other crimes but if we change

Back Off! Exodus 3:5

Take off your shoes for you are standing on Holy Ground! What man made thing is separating you from God? Source; Jon Egan, Executive Pastor of Worship, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Comment; The word “Ground”, is translated from the Hebrew to mean the clay or earth God used in the creation of man. Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Abortion In Egypt! Exodus 1:17-20

Murder or genocide of minorities is nothing new to the history of man. This episode in Egypt took place thousands of years ago against the Jews. Today in America genocide is being done on African Americans through abortion. Over 40 percent of all abortions done in America are done on African Americans. Their population only represents 12 percent of all