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God Raises The Dead! 2 Kings 4:35

With Easter near our Pastor Oscar Cope wants us to examine the historical record in our Bible of instances of God raising the dead in the Old Testament. What you will find out studying the Old Testament that it is vogue for today! My Bible says ┬áthat God is the same yesterday, today and forever! Elisha’s predecessor Elijah is considered

Is God a Show Off? 2 Kings 5:11-14

Naaman the Captain of the Syrian Army had trouble following simple directions! Can i get a witness? First of all he was informed by his Jewish servant girl who was captured and made a slave through the spoils of war that there was a God in Israel who could heal his leprocy! Then Naaman sends money to the King of

Empty Vessels! 2 Kings 4:1-7

The widow of a Prophet had two sons. She could not pay her debts so her two sons would become slaves! Slavery was different then! During this period Hebrew slavery was according to law! The period of slavery was limited to six years! (Exodus 21:2) Slaves had protections and rights under the law! It was possible for slaves to attain

Science and Faith! 2 Kings 2:20

Elisha purifies a stream with salt! Elisha lived 2900 years ago! I want to quote a science journal article published in 2012. “A scientist at Michigan Technological University has discovered a simple way to turn muddy water—such as water gathered from rivers, streams and boreholes into drinkable water by using table salt.” May 8, 2012. Sorry MCU but you are