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Salute to American Veterans! November 11, 2017

The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought! Samuel Adams (1722-1803), Founding Father of the United States, Governor of Massachusetts, Church Deacon and architect of the principles of American Republicanism.

Are You a Deacon? Philippians 1:1

I could be or may be but first tell me what one is? According to the Greek the word translates as one who runs through the dust! One who runs errands! One who waits on tables! A voluntary servant. So if you are a good deacon you should have dusty shoes! Just call me Dusty! Jesus got his feet dusty!

Easter Story

A very rich man was a member of a church in his community. The Pastor and Chief Deacon spent alot of time with this rich man and asked for donations all the time. Rich man understood those who have more much more is required! Rich man gets sick goes to hospital and is near death! Pastor and chief deacon go