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I Do Not Know? Proverbs 3:5

Nothing can be believed unless it is first understood, and that for anyone to preach to others that which either has not understood nor they have understood is absurd. Peter Abelard (1079-1142), French Theologian. Comment: Peter’s dying words were, “I don’t know!” Even though I have been a Christian for 44 years I am still learning about God! My Bible

Misdirected Zeal

Zeal is very blind, or badly regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others! French Theologian Pasquier Quesnel (1634-1719) Comment: Remember Paul said he had a zeal for God but not according to knowledge! Today as before in history we face movements whether religious, political or social that are blinded from truth and press on running over basic human

Damascus No More! Isaiah 17:1 Amos 1:3

On our blog we have previously posted two articles about Damascus Syria. See June 2013 and September 2012 postings. It looks like these two Bible Prophecies are going to be fulfilled very soon! If Assad is forced out of Damascus he could again use chemical weapons so the city could never be inhabited again. He could attack Israel in retaliation

Syria Moves Some Of It’s Chemical Weapons!

United States Secretary of Defense Panetta was quoted yesterday that there are lingering questions about who moved these weapons and to where? If you go back to our July Blog you will see I posted a detailed article on Isaiah’s Prophecy over Damascus in Chapter 17. Isaiah said in Chapter 17 that there would be a time when Damascus would


Isaiah Chapter 17 has alot to say about the city of Damascus! Isaiah opens with the burden of Damascus and that the city will be no more in a future event. Damascus is one of the oldest if not the oldest city in the world. It has a history of going back at least 5000 years or more! You could