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Christian Responsibility! 1 Timothy 5:8 Greek Translation

“If any (Not) take thought and care beforehand for your immediate household and those belonging to the church which is the household of God then he is worse than one who does not believe in the Gospel of Christ.” Comment: The Greek word “Oikeis”, represents the phrase “those of his own household.” However this Greek word has a compound meaning!

Your New Health Care Plan!


The Poor Man’s Tithe! Deuteronomy 26:12

I am sure when some Pastor’s read this scripture they think this represents the level of giving by their congregation! If they do not increase their level of giving I am going to end up as poor as they are! Here is what Tripp’s Complete Commentary says; “Thus does God not only plead the poor man’s cause, (Deuteronomy 15:10-11), but

Widows and Orphans on Your Shopping List?

Since 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan and California Islam has created thousands of widows and orphans here in America! Even the Islamic attackers in California orphaned their own baby? God has given us scriptures in our Bible that instructs us to how to respond. I have included one Bible verse from the Old Testament and one verse from the New Testament. Deuteronomy

Do We Really Care?

If we be never obliged to relieve other’s burdens, but when we can do it without burdening ourselves, then how do we bear our neighbor’s burdens, when we bear no burden at all? Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

Turkey Gets Pardoned But Not Us?

How about the rest of us Turkey’s? Obama gives a Turkey a pardon but not us! Why can’t Obama pardon us from ObamaCare like he did the Turkey? Health Care in a roaster pan under fire is not fun! James.

The Respectful Are Respected! 1 Timothy 5:1-4

Instructions from God for a good outcome in your life! Respect elders. Encourage elders. Treat the younger as your brothers and sisters. Care for widows. What happens inside our homes counts! Important! The Christian home is the alternative community that is opposite to the dark, broken dysfunctional world that we live in. Politicians just reflect our broken culture. Church should

Identity Theft!

The Latin and Old French roots to the word identity mean the condition of being the same with something described or asserted. Your thought’s, idea’s and perspectives allow people to determine who you are. The truth is we try to be like someone else. Either your father, mother, grandpa, grandma, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, teacher, pastor, ect. Someone who tries

Who Speaks For America?

On our previous Blog we mentioned a quote by William Kristol. Here it is again quote; “The important point is not to win a debate! The point is to win the presidency! The way to win the presidency is to speak for America”. Unquote. President Obama over the last 4 years has spoken for the gays! He has under the