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Jesus is Watching You!

A burglar broke into a home late at night and climbed through a window with his flashlight and began going through the rooms looking for jewelry and cash! He was sure the family was out of the house? He came to the living room in the dark and began going through drawers looking for treasure! Suddenly this voice seemed to

Adopted Parrot!

Jack was a retired Naval Officer who had a parrot for over 20 years! His name was Pirate and he even took him aboard ship on some of his deployments! The sailors would give him treats and teach him new words over the years. Pirate learned some really bad words but the crew would just laugh at his nasty vocabulary!

How To Be Happy?

An elderly lady was very rich but very lonely! She lived so long all her family had passed on! So she went down to the local pet shop and asked the owner what would be a good pet to give her company? The pet shop owner told her she needed to get a parrot. So she bought a parrot and