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Roman Colosseum 80 A.D.

The largest amphitheater in the world was built in Rome in 80 A.D. The average attendance was 65000 people! Nice but few Christians know how it was funded and who really built it? Emperor Vespasian funded the project from the spoils taken from the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 A.D. Remember Jesus prophesized the destruction of the Jewish

Messianic Prophecy Genesis 49: 9-12

These verses in the Book of Genesis even though written thousands of years ago predicted a coming Messiah through the Tribe of Judah! Verse ten is particularly interesting! The word scepter in the Hebrew means a rod and a tribe. A shepherd’s staff. We are the sheep of His pasture! The word lawgiver means a commander of decree’s! It means

Who Built the Bridges and Roads

Christ built the Bridge to Heaven for us! If I were Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan I would be asking President Obama this question? The truth is the American Taxpayer built the Bridges and Roads! Not only in America but in many nations around the world! No government can exist without funding from its citizens! Yes, Hard working Americans built